Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Frist Post!

Just what the world needs.. another random coders blog.

Well, better me ranting here than on a mailing list, or torturing people via other channels.  It was either this or twitter.

For some reason I find this the less offensive of the two options.

I'm probably not going to do much more than record the history of my various software projects here. Perhaps on rare occasions I'll have something actually worth posting..

For now, this is the place to gain insight into the bizarre mis-workings of my befuddled brain, and the happenings of the SleepyHead project.


  1. Fatigue, brain fog, unexplained muscle pain -- those sound like symptoms of hypothyroidism. Surely your docs have checked your TSH levels with symptoms like those, but I thought I'd toss the suggestion out there just in case they hadn't. www (dot) thyroid (dot) org has lots of great info; they assert that the goal TSH level is between 0.5 to 2.5 mU/L for people being treated for hypothyroidism. I mention that because some docs/labs still consider 5.0 a "normal" value, and one can feel pretty wretched with a TSH that high...

    OK, that's enough thyroid-related ranting for now. I wish you the best of luck with all of your current aggravations/symptoms/whatnot. Also, thanks so much for writing SleepyHead! I read about it today on cpaptalk, and I am eager to give it a try.

  2. Thanks Diane,

    I'll have another chat to my Doc about it next time I see him..

    I have been checked for that a few times though. :/

  3. Thanx Jedimark for the huge effort in creating that great software.
    I use it dayle to control myself and my behavior with my new machine and mask. Next week even with Oximetry.
    Pls go on with the development!!!
    A time-frame-compare for example would be greate!
    Greetings and all the best, Tom