Wednesday, 18 January 2012

It's name and shame time..

Warning, angry incoherent 3am rant...

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly shame a certain American Sleep Apnea Association, for making it their policy to do their best to keep Sleep Apnea sufferers in the dark about managing their treatment.

They put up a facade of being non-commercial in the best interest of their members, yet they try to stamp out any real efforts to educate and help people.

I'm particularly disgusted at the web forum they host.. ok, so I was banned from their forum quite a while ago, for "abusing their moderators and admin staff". Apparently they considered "abuse" as taking a serious interest in ones treatment and encouraging others to do so, and having the nerve to disagree with their (seriously flawed) principles. (I was not advocating changing pressures, merely the importance of monitoring treatment)

I'm well and truly over that, big deal.. I don't fit in with their (did I mention very flawed?) ideals, and I have no desire to post or participate there further.. So why rant about it now?

Whenever I follow links or google searches that take me to posts people make over there, I'm finding people being spoon-fed crap and being told to like it. It disgusts me that people can treat their fellow man this way.

Unluckily for me, I am well aware of what it's like to be knocked utterly flat from a sleep disorder. When I hear people in a similar situation, begging for feedback and knowledge on how to improve their situation, and then hear ASAA moderators spout their elitist CRAP, it really makes my blood boil.

Lighten up ASAA! If you really want to help people with Sleep Apnea, teach them the importance of being proactive.. Hate my silly little software project? that's fine! it's nothing great.. But at least recommend the commercial software to your users so they have some control over this crappy affliction. rather than treating reading CPAP data like it's some kind of arcane art only knowable by those bearing the sacred douchemark of the ASAA.

I'm not suggesting boycott of this organization or forum. and please don't let anyone sway you from going there to help others.. but I'd love to see people continue talking about monitoring and managing your CPAP treatment.. until the mods ears bleed.

Maybe they will eventually get it through their thick skulls how important this really is!

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