Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Taking a break

Belated post..

It's been rather quite on the development front, due to me needing to take a break to sort out some family issues. I strongly believe family must come first.

I am not giving up. SleepyHead will definitely continue.

Some good news (for me anyway) is I finally found out the cause of my daily headaches.. Two particular types of aerosol products containing fragrances my wife used daily for the last couple of years. Since her chucking them out I've been headache free.

Hopefully when I get back into things I can accomplish a lot more without these headaches.

Anyway, nothing much else to say.. other than watch this space.



  1. Are you on twitter? I share similar interests in sleep apnea and CPAP technology. You can find me @craigbooker

  2. I would love to help on the French Translation... Also, you'd mentioned the support of the F&P Icon is coming soon; Any idea of the time frame? I need to make a decision between Philips and F&P... Anyone with a recommendation? Thx! Merci!

  3. JediMark, just wanted to say that your Sleepyhead program is brilliant. I really hope you'll continue it.

  4. Mark, I'm very happy that I can use your program.
    It's fantastic and I can finaly see what happens during the night.
    I have one question if you are still continuing the program.
    Could you make it visible to show a continuous overview, graphically and/or with numbers, for a specified period only for one item.
    E.g. I would like to know for a period how the OA has been, or the CA or....
    That would be great !
    Thanks for what already is, Bob