Wednesday, 9 January 2013

2013 and I'm a Mac Convert.

Well, good riddance to 2012.

Turned out to be the worst year on record for me. Gah! Life Sucks! :(
Anyway, that's enough beyatching, but I definitely want 2013 to suck a lot less.

I've been a little bit too depressed/unfocused to write any code lately. SleepyHead has unfortunately been stagnating on my end. Luckily a few wonderful devs out there have been hacking away at it in my absence fixing various bugs and annoyances. I still need to get off my butt and help release a new build with the patches that are coming in.

Instead of coding, I've been spending my time trying to tune my artistic side a bit.

After years of Apple phobia and stirring up Apple fanboys, I got frustrated with my disorganized workflow, and bought myself a shiny iMac. Big mistake, because of course now I love it to pieces.

a little "music therapy"
I bought a copy of Logic Pro, so I can hook my musical instruments up and de-stress a bit.

Previously I've used Ubuntu Studio for this, and while it's definitely capable and very good, I just couldn't get it to run solid on any of my available hardware. I spent more time tweaking the sound engine then I did with the actual music.

Sometimes you just want something that works out of the box. I can certainly say Apple delivers on this one.

If your feeling game, I uploaded a few of my audio "experiments" to SoundCloud for anyone who wants to listen. Nothing fantastic yet. There's one short guitary bit I did with my old Ubuntu Studio system, the rest is just random Piano musings.. more will come later.

I've also started to dabble in a bit of visual art too, and being a computer nerd, I was drawn to the free and awesome Blender 3D modelling software. 

Took a few online crash courses/tutorials and am starting to get the hang of it. One in particular I found really helpful is this free Blender 3D design course by Neal Hirsig.

I'm finding it a very versatile and powerful program, I find it's a very "complete" package, covering everything from modelling to animations, physics and even has a game engine.

Here's a few renders from some of my recent "artwork" :-)

My interpretation of this neat cgcookie tutorial

Laura drew a rough sketch of this little guy
So I turned him into 3D

I did this from scratch with a few ladybug photos

The Mac is fantastic for this kind of creative stuff, but as with any new and different computer system comes a few annoyances, I'll post a few of my pet peeves with Mac along with the solutions I found next.

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