Saturday, 19 January 2013

Olive branch to the ASAA

The following a copy of a letter I sent to the administrator of the ASAA forum In the spirit of openness I'm posting it here. It has seemed in the past that things I write to them get misinterpreted easily.

I'd like to reply to Daniel the moderator, but this can be read by anyone else who shares his views.

I no longer participate in your forum, but I regularly keep an eye on it in the hope that the ASAA has grown as an organisation and takes their responsibility as public educators seriously.

Why else does the ASAA exist if not to help spread awareness of Sleep Disorders and take the lead in showing it's a manageable condition?

I'm intrigued as to the reason why the ASAA makes a habit of driving aways potential allies who's only intent is to do the same thing.

I've been in contact with *many* doctors, patients, equipment suppliers, CPAP equipment manufacturers, sleep technicians, research bodies, and others with advanced technology skills who share similar interests. Of those I've met, none have held a negative a view of patient education as what seems to be disseminating from within the ASAA.

I do not mean to be abrasive, I'm trying to raise a valid concern, the same concern that is held by many I've talked to.

I'm offering an olive branch as a "potential ally". I believe my perspective is something that can genuinely complement the goals of the ASAA.

I created an open-source software platform solely for the purpose of helping people get a better understanding of their sleep disorders.

I'm a profesional software engineer, who has given up a lot of my free time for a cause I believe in. I have a better perspective than most engineers working on similar technologies because I myself have had to learn to deal with the effects of Sleep Apnea.

I never intended on using your forum as a "support forum" or distribution point for my software project. As I've stated before, I already have one of those. 
I didn't intend on using your user base as an "advertising platform" to pilfer or misguide your users. 
The only reason I ever came to visit in the first place was because people started asking questions, and I wanted to offer a presence for the benefit of those people..

I also wanted to stop the spread of misinformation about my software. (For example, SleepyHead in either Binary or Source code form is NOT public domain as what seems to pop up frequently on your forum. It is Open Source, bound by the terms of the GPL license, and I as the author retain copyright of my code - retaining the right to relicense and reuse any or all of my code even under a secondary license if I ever chose to do so. I believe in and benefit frequently from open source software, which is why I chose to release my software for free.)

The negative vibes and distaste for things like this coming from those acting in an official capacity is unfortunate. I can appreciate the need of an organisation like the ASAA to keep separate from commercial entities in order to be able to give a balanced, neutral and bias free source of information. 

However the ASAA is also missing an opportunity to extend it's influence, and help shape something great.

Well, that's all I have to say. You can interpret this how ever you like.

I just want to state clearly, that my intentions are not as destructive or malicious as some people have made them out to be.


JediMark, the author of SleepyHead

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  1. I was very excited by your software program. I tried to download it and it had malware attached. I hope that can be fixed if someone has tampered with your program.