Thursday, 7 February 2013

Wait! Skip Windows 8.

Windows 8.. Seriously.. Ugh. Why Microsoft? Why???

I recently had the pleasure of assisting someone with a messed up 4G install on their new W8 laptop... I nearly died from the traumatic experience.

This wasn't the first time I looked at or used a W-8 machine, just the first time I've really looked at it objectively.

Seriously people, I don't know how to stress this without sounding like a complete snob/idiot/whatever/knowall. This isn't just my silly Microsoft prejudice I'm speaking with here.

Windows 8 is BAD. BAD BAD BAD!
Even it's name suggests to skip with one.. W8.. W-eight. WAIT? What?

I'm not talking about it just being bad for geeks like me, I'm talking about workflow and getting things done.

It's not just user interface aesthetics . It's a major UI meltdown. This kind of thing works (barely) on an XBOX console, but this is not ground changing design, it's ground burying design. Even as a touchscreen interface, this is crap.

The user should not have to know what mouse button to press, where to click or what key to press to get the UI to respond in a way that allows the user to get what they wanted done. Microsofts former "start" button concept at least provided a practical way to interface with the computer.

Microsoft has made the HUGEST mistake of all the mistakes it has made as a company. So bad I believe for the sake of Microsoft stockholders, Steve Ballmer should be sacked for being thoroughly incompetent.

Don't ruin your computer by "upgrading" to W8. Stick with 7, even a microsoft unappreciator like me can admit that ones comparatively good.

Please don't buy a new notebook with W8 on it, unless it comes with a free "downgrade" option, or you're considering putting a decent free OS like Linux Mint on it.

Mac's are also a good choice. As someone who's spent a life time with computers, only avoiding Macs because of the price and excessive shiny.. Let me say this. I wish I discovered how good Mac's were sooner. I've experienced a massive improvement in my workflow since switching over.

Help send a message so Microsoft doesn't make this mistake even worse by thinking it's ok to take a huge dump on our computers. Maybe they will get it right by Windows 10.. who knows. that's only if they don't go bankrupt.

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  1. Not sure windows 10 will get it right, they are giving it away: