About Me

I'm a 30 something year old Australian hacker, who has been tormenting computers since the days of the Commodore Vic 20.

Technically I am classified as self educated when it comes to matters involving technology.. I have a life-long passion for programming, and a penchant for discovering how things work. I am very fond of all things open-source.

When I'm not coding, busy plotting world domination, or lost in random thought somewhere, I'm playing guitar or piano.. Not particularly great at either of them, but it's been a staple holding together my sanity.

Lately, my health has limited what I've been able to achieve. I deal daily with fatigue issues, constant brain fog, headaches and chronic muscular pain, with no reason or label as to the cause of it. Doctors haven't particularly been a great source of relief for me.

I also have sleep apnoea.. I am a "hose head". I was hoping the CPAP treatment would lessen my other health problems, but this has not occurred to the extent that I had hoped.

I have however decided to stop feeling sorry for myself, and done my best to be proactive about it. I currently am developing an open-source program called SleepyHead that helps people with sleep apnoea who use CPAP machines to track and review their treatment.